Using your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

Many people do not realize all the investment vehicles that are out there, that help maximize their return, and yet save their gains from Uncle Sam.  These Self-Directed IRAs are not widely advertised, due to there being no financial incentives to financial planners/advisors to tell you about them.  These individuals have you continue to risk your money in the stock market on their referrals, while they enjoy the commissions and fees they get paid from your accounts, regardless of whether the market goes up or down.

There is always a lack of control over your investment when you put all your money into the financial markets is that there.  The CEO and Board of Directors of the companies you’ve invested in are the ones responsible for charting the potential success – or demise – of your investment.  One might say it’s comparable to investing in a car, but you don’t have a steering wheel to control the direction of where you’re heading!  That’s where AA Real Estate Enterprises can help, in their working relationship with both PENSCO & Equity Trust Inc., and their Self-Directed IRA programs.

A SD-IRA offers the investor the chance to take control over their own retirement, to finally diversify their investments in items besides the stock market.

This gives yourself the benefits of having active control over where your money goes, aggressive rates of return (in many cases, exceeding the financial markets), and the gains on these investments remain tax-free (if within a ROTH IRA) or tax-deferred.  You can also utilize all the usual type of IRAs available through a true SD-IRA custodian (ROTH, traditional, SEP, SIMPLE, etc.).

What good is a SD-IRA without great high-yielding investments to invest in?

AA Real Estate Enterprises, LLC is an established investment company that has been investing in all forms of real estate since 2005, providing investors a substantial return on their money through our current opportunities.  We use the close relationships we’ve formed with other real estate professionals within these areas to locate properties that meet our strict criteria, and then bring our investors a substantial return on their hard-earned dollars. We pride ourselves in educating our investors in these types of investments, as well as bring them step by step through the process of setting up their own Self-Directed IRA through our partnership with a true self-directed custodian (should they choose to do so) to maximize their tax savings.

“Nick is a pleasure to work with. He has been very responsive, thorough, and always up beat. I really enjoy working with Nick!”
– Irene Berlovan, Retirement Plan Specialist, Equity Trust Company

“I never knew that I could use my IRA to invest in real estate before. Nick took his time in educating me through the process, and also opened my eyes to a whole alternate form of investment (real estate) I had never known before, that goes way beyond what my portfolio used to pump out on a yearly basis. I’m thankful for finding AA Real Estate, and I look forward to continue investing with this company in the future on both the commercial and residential side!”
– Alan A., Chelmsford, MA