We understand there are many reasons why homeowners sometimes are unable to pay their mortgage and every situation is unique.

We work alongside listing agents and are hired by homeowners. We provide legal representation for all homeowners struggling with a short sale and our primary focus is short sale negotiation. We don’t sell property or market property. We mitigate short sales so our primary focus is YOU.

Our average time from submission to approval is 83 days.

We have 4 full-time staff dedicated to working for you. We coordinate all the paperwork, pull title, have attorney-reviewed and completed purchase contracts (where necessary), coordinate with title companies and your lender, and negotiate 2nd and 3rd liens, along with other types of liens (mechanics, credit cards, execution). We work with excellent real estate attorneys and, if necessary, bankruptcy attorneys who can assist you in every step of your financial recovery.

For more information or to submit a property visit our short sale site: Short Sale Mitigation LLC