AA Real Estate Group is a group of professional real estate companies that buy, sell, and manage single- and multi-family homes, create solutions for distressed homeowners and opportunities for discerning home buyers, tenants, and investors.

Established by managing member Nick Aalerud in 2005, AA Real Estate Group has completed over $100 million in closed real estate transactions, including more than 200 rehabs and rebuilds with multiple active projects currently in process, and manages over 50 rental units in New England, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

To maximize returns and opportunities within the industry, AA Real Estate Group maintains multiple companies under their umbrella. Click on the organizational chart or scroll down for information on each.


AA Real Estate Solutions

Property Acquisition, Sales, and Rehabs

We acquire, rehab, and re-sell real estate that has the potential to be improved, providing a fresh start or transitionary services for homeowners in varying situations and bring value to neighborhoods and communities in MA, NH and ME (CT and RI coming soon!).

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Short Sale Mitigation.net

Short Sale Negotiations

Our negotiation firm (headed by our partner Maryann Little) works with homeowners’ lenders and other creditors to pursue options pre-foreclosure and helps them realize true market value for real estate in this economy. We negotiate on behalf of homeowners, real estate agents, attorneys, and buyers. Our effective approach has earned us the nickname “The Short Sale Closers.”  We focus on full transparency, disclosure, compliance with the law, and working towards a win-win-win situation for lenders, homeowners, and buyers of short sale property.


AA Premier Properties

Real Estate Brokerage

AA Premier Properties is a full service investor-friendly real estate brokerage.  We took the best compensation and team building ideas from five of the nation’s largest brokerages and combined them to create a unique hybrid model which fosters a creative, problem-solving environment, supporting idea and deal exchange both among agents as well as with our clients.

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AA Real Estate Partners

The Investor Branch

AA Real Estate Partners provides investors with solid private lending opportunities and partnerships in real estate resulting in returns that far exceed the traditional financial markets.

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AA Real Estate Properties

Property Management

AA Real Estate Properties manages the properties we have on a long-term buy-and-hold basis. Using innovative proprietary strategies, we maintain affordable and clean units for our residents and future homeowners, valuing their feedback and creating win-win relationships.

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AA Real Estate Mentor

Resources, Mentoring & Coaching Programs

Nick is passionate about educating people about the benefits of investing in real estate, and being an active, local investor, has the ability to provide his students with hands-on mentoring and strategies that actually work here in New England.  A limited number of students allows Nick to design programs customized to the goals and challenges of each individual. He speaks at industry events and produces workshops in the states where he invests. Preview his system at Complete Dealflow System©.

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Charitable Foundation

Extreme fundraising for kids with extreme illnesses. Donations fund dream experiences, medical treatments, and associated expenses for sick children and their families.

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