AA Real Estate Group (AARE) is a professional real estate acquisition company that serves to create opportunities for our investors.  This is done through buying, selling, and managing single-family and multi-family homes.

AA Real Estate Enterprises, LLC was established by Nick Aalerud, our Managing Member, in 2005.  Shortly after, he created AA Real Estate Partners as a division within this entity to serve investors.

Within the past 7 years, AARE’s experience has spanned millions of dollars in closed transactions. As of this year, we’ve completed over 170 redevelopment deals.  We continue to grow each year and develop additions to AA Real Estate Group.

How Do We Invest in Real Estate?

Buy and sell properties quickly.

Renovate others.

Hold onto others for cash flow and long-term appreciation.

Occasionally make loans on other properties.

With our field expertise, conservative mindset, excellent track record, and established relationships, we have a well-developed sense of what makes a good real estate opportunity, and what’s not worth getting involved in.