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The Group…

We’re driven by core values of Integrity, Service, Teamwork, and Impact. That means we strive to do what’s right, to put others first, and to work together to positively impact our clients & community.
With our field expertise, conservative mindset, excellent track record, and established relationships, we have a well-developed sense of what makes a good real estate opportunity, and what’s not worth getting involved in. Operating primarily in New England, AA Real Estate Group consists of six divisions, here to serve you and empower you to reach your financial goals.

The Agents…

Along with our excellent retail staff, our investor-friendly agents are trained as investors, and many have thousands in their buyer databases who are actively looking for investments – this does not count the many of them that purchase property themselves.  Because we are all so active in the marketplace, we are able to provide solid advice, negotiation, and marketing techniques unmatched in our current environment.

Why we do what we do?

We fight for the right of every willing individual to discover their path to financial success.

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Meet the Founder

Nick Aalerud

Nick Aalerud

Founder, AA Real Estate Group

Nick graduated with a politics degree, only to realize that not many people like politicians or lawyers. He went into investment banking until he discovered real estate in 2005. After losing everything on his first 5 deals, (ask him the story, he’ll tell you!) his REI career began with $400k in debt. This was the first of many “reset buttons” he calls them, that empowered him to build the multifaceted investment firm, AA Real Estate Group.

Nick is now a Best-Selling author and an accomplished speaker, educator, & trainer in the New England markets. He hosts the Shut Up & Do It REI Podcast on overcoming obstacles in real estate, business, and life. His focus is not on identifying key opportunities for his financial investors, locating solid deals in both single & multifamily markets, continuing to educate and coach investors, and most importantly, being a great Dad.

A passionate advocate of the importance of education as well as the real estate investing industry, Nick serves as a mentor to individuals getting started in the business and is a sought-after speaker at networking events and educational seminars. To reach as many potential students as possible, he gathered his experience and insights into a step-by-step course on getting started in wholesaling called The Complete Dealflow System ©.

Don’t Quit: Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith.

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