The Firm

Founded because of necessity…

AA Real Estate Group (AARE) is a professional real estate acquisition company that serves to create opportunities for our investors.  This is done through buying, selling, and managing single-family and multi-family homes.

AA Real Estate Enterprises, LLC was established by Nick Aalerud, our Managing Member, in 2005.  Shortly after, he created AA Real Estate Partners as a division within this entity to serve investors.

Here to stay…

Within the past 7 years, AARE’s experience has spanned millions of dollars in closed transactions. As of this year, we’ve completed over 170 redevelopment deals.  We continue to grow each year and develop additions to AA Real Estate Group.
With our field expertise, conservative mindset, excellent track record, and established relationships, we have a well-developed sense of what makes a good real estate opportunity, and what’s not worth getting involved in.

A brief History

  • 2005


    After graduating from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, Nick Aalerud began his investing career as a banker for BNY Mellon Financial. While dealing with mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, and observing the market closely, Nick began to see the value of investing in real estate and the many advantages it has over the traditional financial markets. Nick Aalerud forms AA Real Estate Enterprises, LLC.

  • 2006

    First Steps

    Nick Aalerud becomes one of the most active wholesalers in the Greater Boston area. Nick Aalerud completes his first rehab deal in Somerville, MA.


  • 2007

    Branching Out

    Rehabbing distressed properties becomes the primary focus of the business. AA Real Estate Partners is born and the first investor signs on.

  • 2008

    New Member

    Julia Walsh joins AA Real Estate as the Marketing Director, and later VP of Acquisitions. Nick Aalerud takes on his first mentorship student, who makes over $60k on her first deal.


  • 2010


    Short Sale Mitigation is created and an in-house team assembled to negotiate short sales on behalf of agents, attorneys, and investors, with a focus on performance and communication.

    AA Premier Properties opens as a full-service real estate brokerage firm, catering to investors, commercial buyers and sellers alike and acts as a home for moderately to experienced real estate agents in the Boston area.

  • 2011


    AA Real Estate completes their 100th real estate transaction.

    Nick Aalerud launches the AAREMentor Wholesaling for Profit Live Events and teaches over 200 students in the span of 3 events how to properly set up and run a real estate wholesale business.

    Short Sale Mitigation’s blog becomes the #1 most visited short sale website in Massachusetts.

    All AA Real Estate companies are now collectively known as The AA Real Estate Group.

    AA Real Estate Partners fills the initial private investor subscription amount set in 2010.  New subscription opened for 2012.

    Office location moved to Stoneham, MA.

    Non-profit formed in partnership with Jen Swartz, Annual Skydiving for Kids charity event launched.

    Nick Aalerud is voted one of the Top 10 Real Estate Professionals in New Hampshire by Real Estate Investor magazine.


  • 2021


    Established by managing member Nick Aalerud in 2005, AA Real Estate Group has completed over $100 million in closed real estate transactions, including more than 200 rehabs and rebuilds with multiple active projects currently in process, and manages over 50 rental units in New England, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

    To maximize returns and opportunities within the industry, AA Real Estate Group maintains multiple companies under their umbrella.

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