Companies Within AA Real Estate Group

org-chart-finalWe have several companies under AA Real Estate Group (formerly AA Real Estate Enterprises) umbrella.  The list may seem daunting at first, but each entity is connected, created to serve each other.

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AA Real Estate Partners

The Investor Branch

AA Real Estate Partners provides investors with solid private lending opportunities and equity partnerships in real estate resulting in returns that far exceed the traditional financial markets.

About AARE  and our Guiding Principles

AA Premier Properties

Real Estate Brokerage

AA Premier Properties is the newest addition to AA Real Estate Group.  It is a full service and “investor-friendly” real estate brokerage.  AAPP took the best ideas from five of the nation’s largest brokerages and combined their models to provide one of the most opportunistic models in the marketplace, fostering an investor-friendly environment, supporting idea & deal exchange both in the office as well as with our clients, and assisting both experienced & newer investors, who are “jumping off the fence.”

AA Premier Properties also operates as a full service retail brokerage.

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AA Real Estate Mentor

Mentorship & Coaching Programs

Following his passion for educating all people about the benefits of investing in real estate, Nick created AA Real Estate Mentor.  Being an active, local investor, he has the ability to provide his students with hands-on mentoring and strategies that actually work here in New England.  Very few students are admitted at a given time, allowing Nick to design a custom program for each student, depending on their own goals and challenges.  He occasionally puts on Workshops in the states where he invests.

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Short Sale

Short Sale Negotiations

A natural add-on to Rapid Property Relief, we knew we needed a top notch negotiation firm to work with homeowners’ lenders towards options aside from foreclosure, as well as to help them realize true market values for the real estate in this economy.  We have since opened this firm to negotiate not only for ourselves, but on behalf of the many homeowners, real estate agents, attorneys and buyers in the market today.

In this business, we put a focus on full transparency, disclosure, compliance with the laws, and working towards the win-win-win situation for the lenders, the homeowners, and the buyers of short sale property.

NOTE:  As of December 2011, we have the no. 1 short sale blog in Massachusetts!  Check it out here.

Rapid Property Relief

Short Sales and Distressed Property Acquisition

As the economy began to falter, and many homeowners were losing their homes, we knew we needed to create alternative options for homeowners, and also add another acquisition strategy to our business.

Starting in December of 2009, this company was created to acquire, rehab & resell real estate that was in distress, and had a focus on adding ethics & a personal touch back to the homeowners that were facing challenges.  This company primarily operates in the MA, NH and ME markets.

AA Property Management / AA Real Estate Properties

Property Management

AA Real Estate Properties is our property management company.  It is primarily purpose is to manage any property we have on a long-term buy-and-hold basis. Using proprietary strategies unlike any in the marketplace today, we help maintain affordable and clean units for our tenants and future homeowners, valuing their feedback and creating win-win relationships.