To see what deals we have available that may fit your goals, please fill out our Qualification Form and fax it back to our office at 781-435-0784.

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What is the Investor Qualification Form?

It is a form to determine a person’s eligibility to make investment decisions, dictated by either their net worth, net income, or level of sophistication and experience in making investment decisions.   This is also known as being an “accredited” or “sophisticated” investor.

Accredited Investor and Sophisticated Investor are terms defined by various securities laws that delineates what investors are permitted to invest in certain types of higher risk investments, seed money, limited partnerships, hedge funds, and angel investor networks.

An “Accredited Investor” and “Sophisticated Investor” is defined in Regulation D of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC).

Why do I need the Qualification Form?

The Qualification Form is the first step towards finding out if you are eligible to lend private money.
Any person who invests their own private money in another person’s investment opportunity must be a qualified accredited or sophisticated investor. There are two qualifications (net assets / net income) according to SEC regulations which legally define an “Accredited Investor”, and one qualifier for their definition of a “Sophisticated Investor.”
Download Investor Qualification Form