Brian goes through his journey as a rehabber, contractor, and now property manager and how he’s handles growing each side of the business. SYSTEMS!

Is Title Insurance Important? And… isn’t wholesaling illegal? Check with our investor attorney Brandy Schlesinger who shares all in 30 minutes!

From Rehabs to New Construction – and Working with Your Spouse! With Alex & Kathy Shuck

Local investor and longtime friend, Justin Silverio shares with us his conservative approach which empowered him to work his way up to luxury markets.


As a former accountant, Justin brings an analytical approach to his investment firm, JS2 Homes to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunistic deals.


You’ll learn how he created a cash flow engine that gave him the consistency he needed to take control of his business, his biggest challenges when transitioning to high-end flips and what to focus on in luxury markets.


Justin is also the founder of Open Letter Marketing, a direct mail provider that helps investors set themselves apart from the competition. Learn more at


Connect with Justin:


Throwback to our very first podcast with the man himself, Kavon Massenburg. He grew up hustling in the streets of Indianapolis. After surviving a gunshot to the head and then facing up to 10 years in jail, he finally had to face all of his mistakes. He knew he had more potential, but what was his purpose? It wasn’t easy, but he set out to find the deeper meaning of his life.
Fast forward just 2 years and Kavon has found his true purpose and he’s inspiring others to find theirs. Kavon is now an Inspirational Speaker who is impacting many. His story is sure to motivate you. You can check this guy out at or @KavonMassenburg on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.