Ep 46: Building a Multifamily Portfolio in College, Using the BRRRR Strategy with Axel Ragnarsson

Passive income – It’s what we all strive for, but should we invest in rentals or flips? Are rentals really passive? Multifamily expert, Axel Ragnarsson breaks it all down for us. He shares how he evaluates property using the BRRRR strategy, tips and challenges of self-managing, how he purchased his first property during college, and all the lessons learned along the way.

Axel is the owner of Brickleaf Properties, a New Hampshire based investment firm that owns approximately $4.5M in multifamily real estate, has flipped numerous homes, and has been a principal party in $15M+ worth of transactions. He’s also a commercial real estate broker, specializing in multifamily, investment, and residential sales. He was a founding member and Co-Managing Director of the Rines Angel Fund, the first and only undergraduate student-managed angel investment fund in the country. Tons of value in this episode, be sure to check it out and connect with Axel!


Check out his podcast – The Multifamily Wealth Podcast
Instagram: @MultifamilyWealth
Email: Axel@BrickleafProperties.com
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