Ep 21: Car Detailer to Senior Living Millionaire – Assisted Living Facilities with Brandon Schwab

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Brandon started his detailing business at 15 years old. The goal of passive income was what brought him to real estate. He owned 23 rental properties before discovering residential assisted living which he learned outperformed his rentals x2. That changed the game for him, he knew he had to jump into what he describes as the ultimate feel good investment, where he could provide quality service that’s in demand while building passive income.


Brandon bears it all in this crash course on Senior Assisted Living – how to buy, rehab / develop, and goes through case studies on what the numbers look like. A former wholesaler and rental owner himself, he does his best to sway people from the multifamily sector to jump on in with him in the Assisted Living sector.


NOTE: While we know Brandon as a person, and he’s AWESOME, we have not verified any of his offers yet or verified any returns – listeners to do their own due diligence. Although his coaching program seems LEGIT, and worth the investment if it can provide the returns he talks about in this show! Take a listen, grab a notepad and pen (or google drive notes), and jot down this awesome information, ONLY shared HERE, on the #ShutUpAndDoIt podcast.


Book a call -> BrandonSchwab.com

Become a student -> BoutiqueSeniorLivingAcademy.com

Contact Brandon: 815-790-2330 or