Ep 23: Going Deep – Why We Can Accomplish More & Be Better with National Mindset Coach Patrick Precourt

From an injured rugby player and door to door construction salesman, to short sale king and fighter – you won’t want to miss this incredible, REAL, “digging deep” podcast.


Pat Precourt breaks down WHY we do what we do – and why we DON’T do what we say we will. He’s spent his last few years as a master behavioral coach, breaking people down and truly understanding what makes us tick.


As you’ll see in this episode, he REALLY BRINGS the energy and attitude for what many may consider a “fluff” topic. Patrick makes self-reflection real, grounded, and is there to help you crush your own barriers and fears in real estate, business and beyond. Patrick has done it all.


Pat is a national personal development and business growth coach. Offering both 1 on 1 coaching and tribe accountability and support, for entrepreneurs that know there is more to life and are unwilling to settle. “How much longer are you going to choose to accept your current results and outcomes?”


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