Ep 25: 10,000 Miles to the American Dream, An Aussie’s Journey to Financial Freedom in the U.S. with Geremy Heath

Geremy Heath traveled here in 2006 with one suitcase, thinking it would be a short consulting trip. One real estate book later, and all of that would change. Geremy soon went on to do over 500 rehabs, operate a property management business that manages over 100 properties, and amass a rental portfolio, which would provide him and his family with long term wealth. Watch while we unravel how he started, developed, and matured his business models.


Be sure to check out his book, 10,000 Miles to the American Dream which explores the opportunity right under our nose, here in the U.S. Featuring the stories of 8 Aussies who traveled to America to achieve financial freedom by investing in real estate. Each with a different perspective, expertise and asset class. Learn more about the group and buy the book at RealEstateMates.com.


Get in contact with Geremy at AmericanTurnKeyProperties.com.