Ep 29: Meet the #1 REI Sales Trainer, John Martinez – How to Approach a Motivated Seller

John Martinez is widely known as being the #1 sales coach and trainer for the real estate investment industry nationwide. Tune in as he shares how he got into the business, the best framework for seller appointments including how to overcome “Deal Killers”, how he operates on a daily basis for optimum performance and even a few tips for working with spouses.

“When you take enough chances, that one win is usually enough to cover and go way past 100 losses” – John Martinez

John has trained over 500 of the country’s top real estate investors and their teams and loves working with REIs because of their “Shut Up & Do It” attitude. His scripts and sales & negotiation strategies have transformed the real estate investment industry, and are now widely accepted as the industry’s gold standard.

“Grind to get to a certain point and then take your fricken life back.” – John Martinez

His Best purchase under $100 = The simple things like a good smoothie & lunch with his wife.

Learn more about John Martinez and the Midwest Revenue Group strategies at MidwestRev.com or join his Facebook Group the REI Sales Academy.