Ep 37: From Foreclosure & Short Sales to Author & House Hacker with Christine McCarron

Christine McCarron shares with us her journey to financial freedom, which started similar to mine. A foreclosure put her out of the game for over 10 years. She finally jumped back in, only to find herself in two short sale situations. She could have given up but instead, she used these experiences and lessons to empower and shape her into the successful entrepreneur she is today.


In addition to being a Boston area Real Estate Agent and member of the elite team of RE/MAX Luxury Sales Agents, Christine has experience with flips, the BRRRR Strategy, house hacking, Airbnb and being a landlord. Her recent book, Empower Your Inner Millionaire, A Woman’s Guide to Financial Independence through Real Estate Investing, is a primer for future investors. Through her monthly seminar series, books and private consulting, Christine helps clients bring their investing goals to reality.


Her advice to aspiring real estate investors – find a local mentor, figure out how you can bring value to help them with their business in return for learning and picking their brain as much as they’ll let you.


Her best purchase under $100 = Heated mattress pad (pro tip for house hackers living in renovations)


Christine hosts the podcast: Get Your FILL Financial Independence, Long Life

Listen to the podcast, get her book and even take a quiz to find out what type of investments best suit you at EYIMBook.com