Ep 39: 18 Summers – How to Be a Family Man and Businessman, During & After COVID with Jim Sheils

Real estate investor, Jim Sheils realized long ago that most successful investors had a great balance sheet but a bad home life. He created 18 Summers, a family education company where he provides honest, practical support to help investors connect deeper and live more meaningful lives.


During COVID – 19 everything has been brought home suddenly and this is our chance to reset and ensure that as we grow our businesses, our families grow with us. Jim shares key principals to help relieve the pressure to have the “perfect” family, how to avoid “work puking” in your living room, and how to come out of this challenging time stronger than you were before.


As a rehabber, now doing turnkey new builds in Jacksonville, FL, Jim has built his business by focusing on fundamentals and ignoring the hype. This mindset is what helped him through the ’08 crash. He doesn’t invest in flashy cities, he invests where the numbers work, where real people, buy real properties, with real money.


Jim’s #1 Best Selling book, “The Family Board Meeting” is available on Amazon or at 18Summers.com. You can also join the community in his Facebook group, 18 Summers.