We buy and sell some properties quickly, renovate others, hold onto others for cash flow and long-term appreciation, and occasionally make loans on other properties. With our field expertise, conservative mindset, excellent track record, and established relationships, we have a well-developed sense of what makes a good real estate opportunity, and what’s not worth getting involved in.

We usually determine our exit strategy before we go INTO a deal.

Overview of our Process:

1. Homeowner contacts us or one of our partners/affiliates.

2. Office runs preliminary research on the property

•Resale values, possible rental values assigned.

3. Rep visits the property, takes in any rehab estimates.

4. Exit Strategy chosen.

•Wholesale vs. Rehab vs. Short Sale vs. Lease Option vs. Buy & Hold

5. Acquisition numbers are assigned, negotiations ensue.

6. If deal is struck, sent to Legal for review & prep for closing.

7. Office follows systems & procedures, based on what strategy is being utilized.

We pride ourselves in also being one of the most conservative acquisition companies out there, ensuring a bit of an extra safety net for us and our investors alike.  We typically turn down 90% of deals that come across our desk, and have to view about 15-20 properties before we find one that may work for us to acquire.