Wanted: Snow Day Survival Guide for Entrepreneur Parents

smoke-298243_640It’s been a loooong weekend — and not in a good way. Have you ever had one of those days that go on forever? When everything you had planned just goes up in smoke? In my case, it started when my youngest kid got sick on Monday, forcing us to keep him out of school for three days. And then my oldest came down with the super fever, and I had to stay home for the day on Thursday.

And then, Thursday turned into snow Friday, turned into Saturday, turned into the Sunday blizzard, which means no office day for me again today to catch up with my team peeps. Sure, there are always conference calls and Skype meetings, but there’s really nothing to replace a good old face-to-face meeting.

In short, I’m craving normalcy. While many can claim there’s no such thing, I can tell you for certain how awesome it was to actually take a shower and put on fresh jeans today. Not to mention how amazingly motivating it was to trim the gorgeous Swedish beard I’ve been (attempting to) style over the past year. All to then sit at my computer (since phone calls just will NOT happen when you have two sick and screeching kids) and get puked on.


So. I’m calling out to you other real estate vets out there, those with kids and those who are also juggling a ton of deals and multiple businesses or muses at once — what’s the best method you’ve found to get you remotivated and back on track? And have you found ways to do it when you’re stuck not being in your zen place?

I realize there are a ton of REI gurus out there that claim to teach the game. Of course, I know that I’m better than most (hehe). But I have yet to find one that talks about what it’s like to continue to maintain time blocking, prioritization, and executing on income-generating activities when all you can hear is screeching from one kid while the other kid who hasn’t eaten in three days, say your name over and over again.

Now there’s a class I’d pay for!  ;-)

Seriously, though — how do you deal, while working from home or with serious distractions, or kids (who I cannot call distractions since then I’d he labeled as a bad father and then DSS would be called and I’d have to tell them that I didn’t say anything wrong and the complaint came from another delusional blog reader who is clearly bored and needs a hobby), and still stay on track? Or do you give in and let those days roll by, attempting to enjoy and take them as they are? Please share your tips, suggestions, and stories!

And, I gotta go — the other one is calling me. Le sigh.