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PROJECT UPDATE: Residences at 324 Hanover St. Manchester

After a LOT of… well, let’s just call it what it is… dawdling…   We stopped construction designs in 2019 when we first were approached by an assisted living operator, who wanted to partner with us on the site.  I was very intrigued and interested, as the numbers looked VERY promising for us and our investors.  […]

Cutting Losses & Drawing Lines!

It was a very hard day for me.  Over 2 years had passed since I initially saw this lot, which clearly wasn’t being used to its natural potential (was an auto shop and hobby store), sited on a highly trafficked corner lot, across from a McDonalds, across from wetlands… and on a gorgeous riverbank with […]

The Inevitable Grenade Being Kicked Down the Road

As Joe Biden took office, we wish him luck in his efforts to unite a very divided country. I love and welcome all of the different mindsets that make up this great country, politically and otherwise. There are also some things, that I consider as cause any fact, being a student economist. He immediately extended […]