The Inevitable Grenade Being Kicked Down the Road

As Joe Biden took office, we wish him luck in his efforts to unite a very divided country.

I love and welcome all of the different mindsets that make up this great country, politically and otherwise.

There are also some things, that I consider as cause any fact, being a student economist.

He immediately extended the eviction moratorium to end of March, and we anticipate he’ll do so until end of August, which definitely makes people “Feel good” that he’s doing something for Americans who have been hurt as a result of the Covid pandemic.

But this is just kicking an inevitable grenade down the road.

In the article it says that one in five homeowners were behind on their mortgage as of December.

This is a result of businesses adapting and learning they can do more with less, and they’ve reduced their overhead and salaries as a necessary adaptation, to survive with all the strict regulations placed on them during this pandemic.

That said, people are not just going to get all their jobs back at their same income levels… And therefore, there will be floods and floods of people unable to pay their mortgages, when these moratoriums finally lift.

You can be ready. As an agent or an investor, be sure to bring someone on your team that will specialize in distressed sales and short sales, and aligned with an excellent third party short sale negotiator.

If you are a landlord, Make sure you are up to speed on every single application and portal for your residence to seek assistance, so that you also don’t fall behind, since most landlords with commercial loans do not have the same relief as homeowners will.

And be sure to get your liquidity ready, because there will be some tremendous buying opportunities, once all of the unemployment and government relief finally lets up. And it will let up, else the American dollar is slowly becoming worthless.

Crazy times…. I’m anticipating that the result of this, the more it gets kicked down the road, is going to be much worse than the financial crisis of 2008.

Let’s #beready. Connect with me if you want to jump on our train.