Ep 49: Creative Financing in a Changing Marketplace with the National Godfather of Notes, Eddie Speed

Are notes the missing key to your investing business? As the market changes, sellers can get the price they need, even if they are intensely motivated. This is due to the overwhelming demand and lack of inventory on the market. So if the #1 obstacle is PRICE when you are talking with sellers and presenting your offers, how can you structure the deal differently, so you can get more deals closed?

Join Nick and Eddie as they explore note financing, why it will be way MORE relevant in the coming years, and a top level view on how to BUY on a note, how to SELL a note, and even how to cash out after you’ve structured them.

Over 40 years Eddie has purchased more than 40,000 notes. In 2003, he developed the NoteSchool where he teaches students to buy and sell performing and non-performing notes, as well as other alternative purchasing strategies like seller financing. Eddie breaks it down and brings a ton of value on this episode, you don’t want to miss it!

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