Ep 34: Mindset & Routine – 3 Things To Do EVERY DAY for Maximum Results with Nick Aalerud

Is your mindset holding you back? Today our own Shut Up & Do It host, Nick Aalerud shares a few mindset strategies he’s picked up along the way and how he deals with distractions, stays focused and sets the day up for the WIN.


“Shut Up & Do It” is about overcoming challenges both personally and professionally. If you’re familiar with Nick’s story then you know his first 5 real estate deals ended with 4 short sales, 1 foreclosure and $400k in promissory notes and debt.


With no cash or credit and collections calls to his cell every 38 seconds, he stuck his head in the sand for six months. The motto “Shut Up & Do It” finally helped empower him to accept his mistakes, get back into the grind and dig himself out of this hole.


15 years later, Nick has now owned and partnered in over 400 rental units in 4 different states. He’s the founder & CEO of the AA Real Estate Group which consists of 6+ branches including a wholesale & redevelopment firm (AA Real Estate Home Buyers). He’s the co-founder of the premier debt settlement firm in New England working with agents, attorneys, and homeowners (Short Sale Mitigation LLC).


The AA Real Estate Group is also home to an investor-friendly brokerage (AA Premier Properties), an innovative property management firm (Peak Performance Property Management) and offers private lending opportunities & partnerships that far exceed traditional financial markets.


Nick is an accomplished speaker, educator and trainer for investors in the New England area (AA Real Estate Mentor). Even putting his 15 years of knowledge and experience into developing his own wholesale & rehab manual called The Complete Dealflow System with the goal to offer an affordable education & local community to new and scaling investors.


Did you know all of that about your “Shut Up & Do It” host? For more on Nick’s story and how he got in and out of those first 5 deals check out the #1 Best Selling Book “Don’t Quit, Stories of Persistence, Courage & Faith.” You’ll also read inspirational stories from a 3x Grammy Winner, movie producer, MLB player, entrepreneurs, professionals, speakers, authors, real estate syndicators, veterans and more.


Be sure to Join Nick & the team for networking at these upcoming meetups:

– Black Diamond Real Estate Investors in Burlington on Tuesday 2/11 where Nick & Matt will present on “Wholetailing” (Yes, wholetailing not wholesaling) – http://bit.ly/MeetupBurlington


– Multifamily Investors of New Hampshire in Raymond on Wednesday 2/26 where Nick & Matt will present on “How to Build & Scale a Multifamily Portfolio” – http://bit.ly/NhMeetup


– New England Real Estate Investors Association in Chelmsford on Wednesday 3/4 where Nick will present on “Dealflow in this Tough Market” – http://bit.ly/MeetupChelmsford


– New England Real Estate Fix & Flip Wholesaler & Rehab Meetup Saturday 3/7 where Matt & Nick will present on “Wholesaling to the MLS” – http://bit.ly/MeetupTewksbury


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