Ep 35: From Retail to Investments & a Tool to Streamline Offers for Consistent Dealflow with Caleb Pearson

What if you had a simple way to submit hundreds of offers at once? Caleb Pearson of the #1 Re/Max Team in South Carolina has developed a tool to help you do exactly that. No time wasted writing offers, no virtual assistants.


Listen in as Caleb introduces this innovative tool that’s helping investors all over the country create consistent #dealflow. He also shares a bit about his journey from the retail into the investment game and why he thinks fix & flip is easier than retail.


Originally from Franklin, VI, Caleb entered the real estate world after graduating from Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia in 2012. He’s now a serial entrepreneur in Charlestown, SC and has developed multiple successful businesses.


His retail team closes 200 transactions a year, wholesale/Fix & Flip team closes 100 deals a year, he’s diving into the multifamily world and is the owner of ZoomOffersNow.com. He credits his success to his incredible team along with the discipline and teamwork skills he’s carried over from his college basketball years.


Caleb’s advice to new investors – Focus. Start your businesses one at a time and build them up to run on their own before branching off in 10 different directions. Focus on one thing and do it well.


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