Ep 41: Taking over and Scaling a Business to #5 on the Wall Street Journal’s List – Nathan Trunfio on People, Process, and Private Lending Post-Covid

Nathan Trunfio (originally from the Boston Area, we’d all like you to know!) started off as a sales grinder. He’d outwork anyone. That mindset brought him to take over the operations of a smaller lending office in PA called Direct Lending Partners, which he then grew 100% year over year until it’s now doing $500M in lending. They were one of the only ones not to get crushed through the COVID crisis. They also run a brokerage, construction company, and multifamily assets & property management arm where they run over 10,000 units. Don’t miss this one!

Contact Nate and his team at info@directlendingpartners.com

Check out his podcast, Talking Loudly with Nate at TalkingLoudly.com