Ep 42: From Navy Pilot to Scaling & Running a 200+ Deal Wholesaling Company – with Bill Allen

In just a few years, Bill Allen went from flipping 1 to 2 houses a year to building a systematized REI business that runs without him. From the outside, it may look like an overnight success, but that’s far from reality. Listen in as he shares game-changing advice on hiring the right team, scaling step by step, and the balance between leading vs. managing your team.

His wholesaling and flipping business, Blackjack Real Estate is based in Nashville, Tennessee and Pensacola, Florida. Bill also runs 7 Figure Flipping, one of the top real estate masterminds in the country and is the host of 7 Figure Flipping Podcast.

Connect with Bill on social media @BillAllenREI and at 7FigureFlipping.com.