Robbie Reutzel at the Social Law Library

I’m super pumped about this announcement — in fact, I’m so excited, that after sharing this news far and wide via email and social media, I forgot to post it here! So please join me in extending a warm (though belated) AARE welcome to Attorney Robbie Reutzel — our new Director of Acquisitions and Liquidations for the AA Real Estate Group!

And as a graduate of our very own Complete Dealflow System©, I’m especially pleased to announce that he’s going to be the new Head Coach and Educator of the program, working directly with new students to ensure they stay on track with their business, as well as training and overseeing other coaches that join us as we FINALLY launch our Complete Dealflow System© to the masses!

By way of introduction, I’ll let Robbie tell you in his own words why he loves real estate!


Why I Love Real Estate, Part 1


Why I Love Real Estate, Part 2


3,2,1… hold onto your hats, cuz we have a huge year coming up!


NoStopSignLet’s just get one thing straight — anyone who’s in the real estate business — whether they’ve done one, 100, or perhaps hasn’t even completed their first deal yet — we’ve all experienced REJECTION.



ScreamingNoAnd not just a solid “NO.”  LOTS of stuff like this:
“Who the *%#! are you??  How did you get my number?  I’m calling the cops!” or,
“I would have to be an absolute buffoon to accept that offer.  Who do you think you’re dealing with?” and my personal favorite,
“I’ve got a 9mm pistol with your name written all over it if you contact me again.”


NoYikes! And then there’s the WORST kind of NO — the one that disguises itself as a YES — which you only uncover after hours and possibly days of follow up — sometimes EVEN AFTER you have a signed contract — where the seller just drops off the face of the Earth. In fact, we just had a deal where the sellers, after responding to our marketing and weeks of follow-up, finally agreed to meet, knowing they had to act before the foreclosure auction date. They didn’t use e-mail, and instead required us to drive to their home (about 40 minutes each way, ALWAYS in rush hour) 3 separate times, to get paperwork signed. And after we got it all signed? Nothing. They stopped replying to calls, e-mails, etc. Frustrating.


Or there’s the 6-unit building I had under agreement, all set to close the next day. The seller was one of those who owned the building free and clear, and just wanted enough to buy a trailer and live off the grid where he could prepare for the apocalypse. He wanted NO US dollars at closing — instead, we had to pay him $15K in gold coins that ONLY “Jeffrey down the street at ABC Coin Store can git, dropped in a paper bag with my name on it.” My closing attorney laughed, but we had it all set to go — until 3 hours before the closing, when he had a mental breakdown and threatened to kill his tenants and himself if we moved forward with the closing. Needless to say, I rarely hold people to contracts when they are that extreme.


It happens. We’re in a sensitive business, one where people are coming from all facets and stages of life — elderly folks looking to move into assisted living, divorcing couples who hate each other, children of recently deceased parents who are being bombarded with marketing and spam, people who love THINGS instead of people and collect items that fill up every room of their home to fill the empty void in their hearts and souls (worse – it could be CATS!), etc. and so on.


The question becomes how do we, as real estate problem solvers and marketers, KEEP GOING after hearng NO, experiencing REJECTION time and again, and then having deals that explode and turn into big wastes of time and effort? How do we keep going to that NEXT call back, helping that NEXT person who needs us when it’s almost CERTAIN we’ll be stomped on again and again?


Whoa! Did you feel the weight of what I just wrote? [Moment of silence.]


Ok, first, you need to remember that NEW SELLERS HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR LAST CALL/VISIT. Every single one of them has their own unique problem or reason for calling YOU. It’s up to YOU to find out WHY they need your services — and do NOT transfer the energy from any previous negative dealings into a new call or visit.


RingingPhoneSecond, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CALL. Assuming your business is off the ground and you’ve got your marketing machine up and running (A-HA!  Shameless plug for Complete Dealflow System© here!), your entire week is filled with callbacks. So EVERY SINGLE CALL you get is an opportunity for you to learn. And the way I look at it, EVERY call is practice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for 5 minutes or 5 years, every single call is practice, and you are listening and learning in every interaction with your sellers, who are customer number one.


Imagine if your phone was completely flooded with calls, so that when one seller swears at you and makes you take them off your list, you need to let them go because you have another call coming in from a legitimate person who has already accepted their situation and they know they need you??


Different ballgame, right?


In any event, friends, be it real estate or any other business, we are in the sales business, and we need to smile and hold our heads up high the entire time. Sometimes the only thing we’ll have to rely on is our vision — our vision of helping sellers and the neighborhoods we’re investing in, the vision of our business we want to share with the community, and our vision of bettering our own lives and families — our businesses and missions are bigger and deeper than any amount of NOs or rejection we could go through.


And remember, if you’re here and doing this business as you should, you should feel MORALLY and ETHICALLY obligated to share your services because of how much good they are providing in your local communities. This is another reason why I treasure positive testimonials from my sellers and neighbors so much — when times get tough, THEY keep me going.


You got this. Wipe the sweat, blood, and tears from your face, and keep on changing lives.


Keep Calm and Market On,


~ Nick



I had a really rough workout today — probably the roughest one I’ve ever had. I guess that’s what happens when I go a week or two of no activity and then try to get back into the swing of things all at once. I mean, not that I’m not already an embodiment of men’s physique that everyone swoons over! As I was catching my breath and contemplating this reality, it dawned on me that this was a special year for me.


Death_to_stock_photography_FinallyFree)I wrote down my 10-year work goal, 10 years ago this October. It was a plan I had to become JOB OPTIONAL by 2016 — where everything I planned on growing and doing would finally offset all my expenses by the end of October 2016. In that exercise, I wrote out my ideal day of leisure and day of work, and as I approached this deadline this prompted me to look back on what I had written.


What I didn’t realize those long years ago, is that lifestyle changes, including starting to enjoy life more and having a family would increase those expenses tenfold, and I find myself not quite at that target I set for myself. AND YET, I am super close.  In looking back, I can’t believe all the crap I’ve been put through, the struggling, the successes and MANY failures I’ve had to get to this point — but holy cow, I’m SUPER close to the end goal I made. What an awesome feeling.


This is exactly why I set laserlike targets and goals for myself and my business every January and February. Even if I just come CLOSE to meeting the targets, I have achieved what I set out to do. And what an amazing, almost incredulous thing for absolutely anyone — to visualize something in your head, write it down on a piece of paper, set up an action plan, and literally get it done, every single year, every single month, every single week and boil it down to every single day.


I’m exceedingly grateful for everyone in my life who believes in me and who works alongside me on these goals, and for everything we have achieved together — especially all those who know the struggle, who know what sacrifices have been made by us entrepreneurs, who KNOW the long days and loneliness and the strife when things don’t go as planned — or when your world is completely shaken. THANK YOU, my colleagues, fans, and my team, for believing and for continuing on in our great mission to better neighborhoods all across the East Coast (for now), one at a time.


Death_to_stock_photography_PassionDrive)How are you doing on your 3, 5, 7 or 10-year target for yourself? Oh, you don’t have one?  Make that your first step — get out a notebook or open a new document on your computer and write out your ideal day of work in 5 years, as well as your ideal day of leisure. Once you’ve visualized it, break it down into goals and action steps, which we’ll discuss in a future post.

; – )

In whatever you’re doing — slaving away at a corporate job, slaving away at your own business, working hard to build a legacy, or loving/playing hard with your families, kids, and friends — go seize the day, friends!


“Make it Legit.”  #ShutUpAndDoIt