Wow. I’ve been waiting for this project for 5 years.

Is it possible? I hesitate to share all the details with you (since I know that’s a jinx!), but I’m so excited, I can’t quite shush myself.

Initial Site Design

There comes a moment in every real estate investor’s life when they want to lance the Great White Whale (thanks Moby Dick, a solid 4 chapters ONLY describing how “white the whale” was… geesh).

I had been following this parcel for 5 years, and it went under agreement twice, with big commercial developers, that I knew I had no chance of beating. But then – one by one – they backed out, one since they couldn’t get a drive through approved, and the other, being they couldn’t get their retail anchor tenant they wanted, to commit.

As I’d been working very closely with the economic development team in this town, they called me to inform me the property was available again – and I immediately didn’t waste a SECOND this time.

Have you ever had moments, where you hesitated – and the opportunity is gone? I’ve had plenty. Thus, the whole tagline in my office (#ShutUpAndDoIt!)…but this time, I jumped in.

And – it just so happens, that over the last 5 years, the town was doing everything it could to foster development, including, a zoning overlay, right in this very spot.

I truly feel, that as of now (still going through feasibility and due diligence!), we have the RIGHT location, at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT team, and the RIGHT government to make this work.

And, in case you haven’t heard by now… I’m super, super excited. Condos on top, Restaurant, Retail and Office on Bottom – OUR office. And a Restaurant I’ve personally chosen. On Riverfront. At a busy intersection and a very visible “gateway” to the town. With parking and tax incentives. And Bonus depreciation. And… well, you see why I’m excited.

We’ll most likely be looking for partners and other possible relationships with folks on this one – if you’re interested, send an e-mail to me , and we’ll be sure to talk and see if it’s the right fit!

In an upcoming post – I’ll let you know how we run due diligence on a project like this – even I need to get out of my comfort zone every once in a while!

So it’s been way too long since we paid attention to this written blog.  Everything has gone to QUICK snippets – mainly video on a social media page/group/post/insta/tweet/snap/ holy cow there are too many to mention.

That said – and with a million rehabs (7 concurrently) and a bazillion deals to analyze (hundreds per week!) we’ve been INSANELY busy.

We also have a ton of changes we are implementing – most of them, we’ll be posting here on on our social channels, so be sure to LIKE, SUB and FOLLOW us using our links…

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Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the big changes:

  1. New Acquisitions Department!

Knowing that in order to scale and help more sellers as we grow to be the top real estate buyer in the Greater Boston and Southern NH markets, we needed some super high quality people that believed in our core values – Integrity, Giving First, and Service to Others – to believe in our mission and come on board to treat our sellers and customers the way they want to be treated.  With our goal of getting positive testimonial from every seller we encounter who engages us (whether we can purchase their home or not), we’re moving forward on offering each person who calls a way to help.

We are SUPER excited and are investing most of our time in training these 5-star individuals as they represent our powerful brand.  Stay tuned for an announcement of the new website where you can meet them all.

2.  Welcome our new Director of Operations

With change comes growth, and with growth comes opportunity.  We are SUPER excited to welcome this unique individual aboard in a Director role.  You’ll know why when you hear him speak.  A total match with our mindset, our path to success, and the desire to see others push forward and succeed in a #GiveFirst manner.

Matt is coming on as a full Director of Ops, but he’s also serving as the head trainer for the Solutions Team (our buying group) and also as a coach for those real estate teams and investors looking for help and coaching (more details found on     If you have not reached out to him yet, he’d love to connect.  Feel free to connect with him via the social media channels above or through our Contact Us page.

Alternatively – you can learn more about him on our recent #ShutUpAndDoIt Podcast HERE:

3. Portfolio Growth:

We are actively growing our Portfolio with rentals and larger-scale multifamilies in Central MA, Southern NH and even Eastern OH (a post on that later!) – but we’re SUPER excited about a particular commercial development project, first of its kind in #Billerica!

As many of you know – I (Nick) grew up in a town about 25 minutes north of Boston, and while I claimed to never be a “townie”, I moved back after bouncing around in several cities and towns…and I couldn’t be happier. With a brand new $75M high school being built and a town that’s the second largest in the state (but still retains its town meeting and “local” feel), it has proven to really welcome growth and development, and the parcel I’ve been wanting for 5 years, is finally within our grasp.

We will most likely be looking for partners on this project – so while I cannot divulge any details unless we already know eachother, I’d love to connect in any way to learn more about you and your businesses, and see if anything we have might be a fit with your goals.

That’s the best brain dump I have for now… as always, we appreciate you following us, and let’s grow together!

Who Are We?

The AA Real Estate Group ( is a Greater Boston based redevelopment company that specializes in working with and assisting sellers of real property, buying, fixing, building and selling “AA” quality homes. 

Under our umbrella, we have a sales and marketing arm that specializes in unique marketing methods and partnerships with our agents (, a Short Sale negotiation company that services real estate agents, attorneys, and homeowners get out from underneath their debt (, and an educational arm that helps newer #rehabbers#wholesalers and #landlords learn how to keep consistent deals coming in and really ramping up the business side of a real estate company (

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Robbie Reutzel at the Social Law Library

I’m super pumped about this announcement — in fact, I’m so excited, that after sharing this news far and wide via email and social media, I forgot to post it here! So please join me in extending a warm (though belated) AARE welcome to Attorney Robbie Reutzel — our new Director of Acquisitions and Liquidations for the AA Real Estate Group!

And as a graduate of our very own Complete Dealflow System©, I’m especially pleased to announce that he’s going to be the new Head Coach and Educator of the program, working directly with new students to ensure they stay on track with their business, as well as training and overseeing other coaches that join us as we FINALLY launch our Complete Dealflow System© to the masses!

By way of introduction, I’ll let Robbie tell you in his own words why he loves real estate!


Why I Love Real Estate, Part 1


Why I Love Real Estate, Part 2


3,2,1… hold onto your hats, cuz we have a huge year coming up!